Huge Progressive Jackpots at NetEnt Casinos

Online gambling has undoubtedly become even more popular nowadays. It’s mainly due to the possibility to snatch a great sum of cash enjoying the progressive amusements. Every Net Entertainment casino is not an exception here.

They possess a great selection of dynamic games one can play both via a browser and a downloaded program. Their rewards can reach up millions of dollars. Just imagine that only with one click you can become the richest person in your area.

If it sounds attempting enough, then have a look at the provider’s staking rooms in more details and try your luck out.
Progressive Jackpot at NetEnt Casinos

Features of The Pool

The idea of the pool lies in its direct meaning. In the gambling sphere, it denotes the number of stakes collected together. This way one can reach huge sums.

When talking about the functioning system of the respective supplier progressive jackpots, it is worth mentioning that there are two kinds of prizes. Namely, those interconnected between several online establishments and those based only on one gaming house. And here we will describe the differences between them.

Local Dynamic Jackpots

The local type does not possess any outstanding features regarding its pool because it is mainly formed by the customers’ stakes of one particular online establishment. This, therefore, means that the prize itself depends on the number of visitors and the amount of money they spend.
NetEnt Casinos Progressive Jackpot

Networked Prize at NetEnt Casinos

It is an unarguable fact that interconnected online establishments bring more revenues. The idea is that many online NetEnt casinos unite their bet pools into one creating this way a network with huge winnings. Don’t be shy to explore them!

Top List of The Games

When checking the selection of amusements with on topic prizes from the manufacturer, one can really be surprised with its variety. And without any doubt, there are always games that are more famous than the others.
The first place goes to a slot machine Mega Fortune. Arabian Nights pokies stand here for the exciting gameplay action with free spins, wilds, and multipliers.

The reason for such a fame is not only the big winnings but also the easy rules that do not require particular knowledge. Thus, if you are willing to snatch a great sum of money without any difficulties, then this is your bright moment to do so in casinos from NetEnt.

Nevertheless, a provider gives the opportunity to succeed even to those who adore card games, especially poker. The notable one is Caribbean Stud, a table amusement against a house.
NetEnt Casinos Dynamic Prize

Luckiest Winners

The most outstanding reward here is a Mega Fortune jackpot. It happened in 2011 when a player from Norway easily earned around 12 million euros. A couple of years later a prize of almost 18 million euros went to a Finnish man.

Due to this success, NetEnt launched a new type of Mega Fortune in 2014 and a month later a gambler from Belgium won around 3 million euros. The other example is a Swedish fan who took 6.8 million euros followed by a Norwegian with 2.45 million euros accessed via a mobile device. Thus, do not wait for any minute if you want to become a star of nowadays.